We Work to Network!

03 January 2022
We Work to Network!


Effective networking can open up a variety of opportunities for an individual or business to develop partnerships, innovate, and improve relationships. Networking can help businesses like yours open channels of communication, saving time, effort and stress. It can also help maintain strong relationships and cultivate new ones, with vendors, customers, and competitors alike.

Not sure where to start? Check out industry associations. Organizations like MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association) host Regional Networking Summits. These events are designed to help material handling professionals connect. Recently, over 40 MHEDA members from across the United States traveled to attend the one-day summit held at TVH. Topics discussed included the customer and employee engagement experiences and how important they are to your organization.

Your networking doesn’t have to stop there! You can also check out consulting associations. Membership in these organizations allows you to gain access to innovative trends and strategies, while developing powerful partnerships. In addition to MHEDA, ITA (Industrial Truck Association) and AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) also host meetings, where you can gain insight on the latest trends and have the chance to network with fellow industry professionals. If you’re looking for something outside the industry, there are peer advisory and networking groups like Vistage that connect leaders and innovators throughout the United States.

Cathy Diaz, Director of Domestic Sales, described the importance of networking events for TVH. “These events provide our industry professionals a forum to gain insight on trends, opportunities, and potential obstacles we're all facing today. Listening to the speakers and other attendees provides all of us valuable takeaways and new insights.”

Through networking events like these, you can make your business a beacon of innovation, connectivity, and prosperity in your industry.

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