5 tips to prevent damage to the windows of your machine

05 March 2019
broken glass

Damage to your windows, or even worse, a broken window? An inconvenience that can sometimes have expensive consequences. You use your car more often on public roads than your machine, as a result of which your car is more likely to become damaged. Yet, it isn't uncommon for the windscreen of your telehandler or excavator to be damaged, and this potentially could have been prevented by means of below tips.

1. Watch out for loose chippings

You may have experienced it yourself before: a pebble, thrown up by the truck in front of you, hitting your windscreen. These pebbles won't usually be thrown up at high speeds on worksites, but even in these situations it is possible that a stray pebble hits a window of your machine. So be careful and try to swerve if you anticipate gravel or other stone fragments being launched.

2. Be careful of temperature fluctuations

Especially the end of winter and the beginning of spring is a dangerous period for your windows. This is when there are often large temperature differences: from a pleasant spring sun during the day to a cold night when temperatures can still drop below zero. This puts considerable tension on your windscreen, as a result of which it can easily crack. By storing your telehandler or any other machine with glazing inside during the night, you can avoid this unnecessary tension.

antifreeze window

3. Defrost your windows the right way

Temperature fluctuations inevitably go hand in hand with frosted windows. In our blog with tips on how to defrost your windows, you can also learn what not to do. One thing you should definitely never do, is pour hot water on the windscreen of your machine, because this can cause your window to crack. The large temperature difference from pouring hot water on an ice-cold window is detrimental to the structure of the glass.

4. More difficult to control, but foreseeable: the weather conditions

Of course, you can't really control the weather, but you can always be wary of warnings in the weather forecast. For example, if a storm or hail is predicted, make sure your machine is stored somewhere safe. Preferably inside, but if this is not possible, a canopy or protective material such as a cover on the windows can also offer a solution.

5. Have a chipped windscreen repaired as soon as possible

If your windscreen still got chipped, have it repaired as soon as possible. This will prevent your glass from cracking or tearing. Replacing a cracked window is considerably more expensive than having a chip repaired.

Did the chip still turn into a crack? No worries: in our extensive range of windows, glazing and accessories you will definitely find the window that can help you out. Haven't found what you were looking for? Then definitely contact us, we will gladly help you.

Need help replacing the window? Make sure to read our blog with a step-by-step plan to successfully carry out this job.

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