04 August 2021

Replacing an electronic component can be a real hassle at times. Not to worry though, we’re here to help.

If you’re lucky, the new electronic component you need to install is plug & play. This means the job will be done in just a few moments. But in most cases the situation is different. Most electronic components must be programmed or calibrated after they have been installed in the machine, and we get a lot of questions about this. Unfortunately, there is no simple roadmap to help you. Programming and calibration are specific processes that are different for each component and each machine. However, we can still help you.

Step 1: Order the correct part

Most customers order a new electronic component based on the reference found on the part. But this is not always the correct part number. Always double-check in your parts manual (if you still have it) if you have the correct reference number for your machine. That is a very important step where it often goes wrong.

Step 2: Do some research

Not sure if this component is plug & play, or requires programming and/or calibrating? Always check the technical information or service manual before taking further steps.

Step 3: Haven’t found the solution yet? Let us help you

If you can’t find the answers in your technical sheets, books or manual - or if you no longer have these - we’re here to help you. At TVH we have technically skilled employees that are trained to help you with all your questions about programming, calibrating and more. Make optimal use of our internal search service, electronics help desk and brand specialists.