How Is A Micro Switch Used?

12 August 2021
How Is A Micro Switch Used?

A micro switch, or a miniature snap-action switch, is an electronic device used to make or break the flow of electric currents. A micro switch typically contains an actuating plunger that travels a short distance to trigger the contact sequence. In order for this to happen, the actuating plunger must be pushed a predetermined amount before it activates. After the actuator is released, the switch will return to its original state.

Advantages of a micro switch:

There are many advantages to micro switches. Some of these include their low cost and high longevity. A micro switch can produce anywhere from 1 million to 10 million cycles. Another advantage includes its small size, which allows the switch to be installed in spaces that a bigger switch may not fit in. Finally, a switch can be used when a low operating force with a clearly defined action is needed.

As you can see, micro switches have many advantages and can be used for numerous things. Due to the fact that there are multiple uses, we're going to dive a little deeper into where a micro switch can be found on the equipment.

Where is a micro switch used?

Micro switches can be used in a large assortment of electrical components. The majority of micro switches are used to control, detect, limit and/or trigger a corresponding action. Some examples of what a micro switch is used in includes:

  1. Brake interlock
  2. Directional control
  3. Speed control
  4. Operator presence
  5. Safety systems


Micro switches are used in many pieces of equipment and systems in many different ways. When a micro switch becomes faulty, or stops working, it will need to be replaced so your equipment or system continues to work. 

As there are many uses for a micro switch, there are also many different types of micro switches. In order to know which micro switch to use for your piece of equipment ask yourself the following questions;

  1. Does the electrical rating(s) correspond with the equipment to ensure proper operation?
  2. Does the size and operating force of the micro switch match the requirements of the installation situation?
  3. Will the number of cycles of the micro switch be enough for what the micro switch is needed for?


How Is A Micro Switch Used?


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