How to discharge your lead-acid batteries

03 August 2021

A lead-acid battery is the most expensive part of your equipment. Making sure it’s in good condition is not just important for keeping your equipment functioning properly - it can also save you lots of money because you won’t have to replace batteries prematurely.

A battery discharge test, or load bank test, is the only way to properly check if your batteries are performing at peak performance. This easy-to-use device makes creating your own customised, detailed and professional battery reports a piece of cake.

Watch the 5-minute video below to learn how to use a professional battery discharger.


  1. CONNECT: Connect your forklift battery to the discharger
  2. BATTERY DATA: Make sure you have your values (voltage, ampere ..)  at hand to get started
  3. PLUG IN USB: Plug in the USB flash drive before starting the process to save all data
  4. SETUP DISCHARGE PROCESS: Fill in your values (voltage, current, time, Ah limit)
  5. SAVE & RUN: After pressing the Save & Run button, the discharging process will start
  6. ANALYSE DATA: With just a few clicks, you’ll receive detailed reports on the discharging process of your battery

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