Optimise safety with ISO 7010 decals

18 August 2020
ISO stickers

In 2012, the EN ISO 7010 standards were introduced to make safety signs easily recognisable throughout Europe. Safety signs and pictograms across the continent have had exactly the same images and colours ever since. 

ISO 7010 maximises safety with uniform images

Safety signs need to be clear and effective. It’s their job to warn people about potential hazards. If this isn’t done swiftly, accidents are more likely to happen. Warnings need to be understood with just a glance; there’s no time for lengthy explanations in multiple languages. The ISO 7010 standards ensure safety signs are easy for everyone to recognise, no matter where they’re from. 

When the same safety signs are used everywhere, it results in safer working conditions. ISO 7010 safety signs are designed to be: 

  • easily recognised by everyone;
  • quick and easy to understand;
  • applicable almost everywhere.

The five categories of ISO 7010 safety signs

The ISO 7010 standards use specific symbols to identify hazards and health risks and inform people about fire-safety and emergency-evacuation procedures. The standards include symbols for the following categories: 

  1. Safe conditions (exits and escape routes, first aid, etc.
    ISO stickers

  2. Fire protection
    ISO stickers
  3. Mandatory
    ISO stickers

  4. Prohibitions
    ISO stickers

  5. Warnings
    ISO stickers

The right-sized sign for ultimate safety

It’s important to make sure safety signs are the right size to be easily read. If the sign is viewed from a distance of 5 m, it should be 100 mm in diameter. If it’s viewed from 10 m away, the diameter should be doubled to 200 mm. 

ISO stickers

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Protect your employees and equipment with ISO 7010 decals from TVH. We have a wide range in stock and offer all ISO 7010 decals in size 100 mm and 200 mm. They’re perfect for your workshop or warehouse and can be mounted on walls or windows. Note: do not stick them on the floor as doing so will reduce their lifespan. 

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