Save time and reduce backaches by means of weighing pallet trucks

16 July 2018
Save time and reduce backaches by means of weighing pallet trucks

What is a weighing pallet truck?

Just think about warehouses, ports ... Every day or multiple times a week, heavy shipments arrive that must be weighed for inspection. Boxes and drums are first dragged from boats or lorries to a pair of scales, after which they leave for their destination. A tough job that often leads to backache. Wouldn't it be better if moving and weighing the goods could be done in one single action?

The weighing pallet truck is the ideal solution! This operates in the same way as a normal pallet truck, but is equipped with a weighing system that is integrated into the forks.

Why will this product save you time and effort?

With a weighing pallet truck you have 2 functions in one device: a pallet truck to move goods and a weighing system. So you can weigh while you are mobile with the device. Furthermore, they are flexible to use and have an ergonomic design. The main advantage is that the weighing pallet truck saves you time and extra costs, since there is no more need for a separate pair of scales. You no longer need to drag your loads to a pair of scales. In other words, you let the weighing pallet truck perform the task for you.

For any environment

Warehouses and ports are of course not the only locations where heavy loads are delivered. Just think about the food industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical sector and other health-related branches. In places where hygiene is important, high-quality stainless steel applications are required. This material offers resistance against high and low temperatures, is easy to clean and to keep free of corrosion. As a result, you can also use them in humid conditions.

Don't forget to calibrate

When you use a weighing pallet truck for commercial purposes, a calibration certificate and/or legal-for-trade certificate is required. These certificates are also important to comply with the SOLAS legislation. The SOLAS legislation requires the gross weight of containers to be known before they are loaded onto ships. So a calibrated weighing pallet truck can be used in this context as well.

By calibrating, you can guarantee the accuracy of the weighing and the values shown by the pallet truck are consistent with other measurements.

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Lore, TVH Blogger

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