• How do I replace the window(s) of my machine?

    Loose chippings, temperature fluctuations, storm ... All kinds of circumstances where there's a chance that a window of your machine will be damaged. Is the damage limited to a small chip, then your windscreen can still be saved. However, if the damage is more severe, it is quite possible that you will have to replace your window completely. But how do you go about this exactly? Simple, just follow our step-by-step plan!
  • 5 tips to defrost the windows of your machine on cold winter days

    During winter, not only the windows of your car risk freezing; your machine can of course also suffer from frosted windows. Prevention is always better than cure: prevent your windscreen from freezing by always storing your machine indoors at night. If this isn't an option, then cover the window(s) with an insulating blanket or cover. If this isn't an option either, or your windows still became frosted due to the penetrating cold, then observe these five tips to defrost them in no time.
  • 5 tips to prevent damage to the windows of your machine

    Damage to your windows, or even worse, a broken window? An inconvenience that can sometimes have expensive consequences. You use your car more often on public roads than your machine, as a result of which your car is more likely to become damaged. Yet, it isn't uncommon for the windscreen of your telehandler or excavator to be damaged, and this potentially could have been prevented by means of below tips.

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