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For every 250 AUD you spend on electrical parts in September, you will receive an entry into the draw to win an electric scooter

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The industrial world is in the process of electrification. From the field to the warehouse, electric tractors, forklifts and other machinery offer more sustainable methods for manufacturing and handling goods, as well as ways to provide more environmentally friendly services. This electric evolution has sparked a market explosion of new and improved electrical parts and accessories for both electric and petrol-powered machines.

With more than 670,700 electrical parts across eight different categories, TVH is your one-stop shop for everything electrical.


Our extensive range of electrical parts is divided into eight categories: electrical components, electrical switches, batteries & chargers, printed circuit boards & controllers, joysticks, electrical motors, starters & alternators, and lights & accessories.

Stock up during September and you will get the chance to win an electric scooter:

For every 250 AUD you spend on electrical parts, you will receive an entry into the draw to win an electric scooter.

  • Electrical components
    • Resistors, potentiometers, transistors, thyristors, diodes, varistors, thermistors, electronic solder parts, inductors, programmed memory & more.
  • Electrical switches
    • Contactors, contacts, braids, and all electrical switches: emergency stop switches, pull switches, toggle switches, microswitches, limit switches, steering column switches ...
  • Batteries & chargers
    • Batteries, battery connectors, battery chargers, jump starters, battery regenerators & dischargers, battery watering systems, demineralization devices & many other battery related items.
  • Printed circuit boards & controllers
    • Accelerators, converters, printed circuit boards & many forklift electronics: speed limiters, lift truck weighing systems, camera systems, shock protection ...
  • Joysticks
    • Electrical joysticks, controller boxes & hand controls
  • Electrical motor
    • Electric motors and all electric motor replacement parts, vacuum motors, brushes & brush holders.
  • Starters & alternators
    • Starters, alternators & dynamos
  • Lights & accessories
    • All types of industrial lights: work lights, front lights, rear lights, flashing beacons, LED strips, reflectors, bulbs ...

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At TVH, you will find all the electrical parts you know you need, and discover some you never even knew existed. Now you can get them all in one place.

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