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Truck-mounted forklifts are mounted on the back of the trailer or lorry, hence their name. A truck-mounted forklift is useful for loading and unloading goods while on the road, especially in the construction, poultry and agricultural sector.

Since the truck-mounted forklift is attached to the back of a lorry, the lorry’s rear lights aren't visible to its surroundings. That is why a truck-mounted forklift must always be equipped with a good and approved set of tail lights. For that reason, the truck-mounted forklift is electrically coupled to the lorry it is mounted onto, so that their tail lights work in sync.

Many of us would think that a truck-mounted forklift doesn’t actually need lights, but nothing could be further from the truth. A truck-mounted forklift may be an off-road machine, but is equipped with the necessary rear lights: tail lights, marker lights, stop lights, a fog light and reversing light.

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At TVH, we offer a huge range of lights for truck mounted forklifts: rear lights, front lights, indicator lights, number-plate lights… you name it, we have it.

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TVH is a one-stop shop. We offer an extensive range of forklift lights that use the latest LED technology. Most of the lights in our range are multi-voltage, so they offer more flexibility and user-comfort. They’re all available at great prices and fast delivery is guaranteed.

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We have truck mounted forklift lights compatible with all the biggest truck-mounted forklift brands, such as Kooi-Aap, Manitou, Moffett, Palfinger,Terberg-Kinglifter and more.

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