Know your way around renting a forklift

Which type of forklift is best for my business?

Electric Forklift

  • An even foundation
  • Job has to been done inside or mainly inside
  • Certain market segments demand use of electric engines for ex. food industry

Gas or diesel forklift

  • Foundation = asphalt or concrete
  • Even foundation
  • Used gas bottles : 18 kg propane
  • Attachment on gas bottles = standard with female screw thread (= internal)
  • Exception : French attachment Total Gas, standard with male screw thread (= external)
  • All delivered bottles have to be returned at the end of the renting period if not they will be charged

Forklift diesel 4x4

  • Surface is rough but not muddy

Forklift all surfaces

  • Jobs on muddy or sandy surfaces

How to calculate lifting capacity?

  • Always take into account the weight and dimensions of the goods to handle
  • The dimensions of the goods also determine the length of the forks and the gravity point
  • Length of the forks differs according to lifting capacity of the forklift, if necessary we can deliver fork-extensions WATCH OUT when you use fork-extensions lifting capacity automatically decreases

Other important things to know

  • Dimensions of gateways and passages
  • IMPORTANT: overall height of the forklift isn’t determined by the cabin height but by the mast (3 different masts : duplex, triplex and quadriplex)
  • What power sources do you have on site? Monophased – 220V or 380V ?

How to order?

  • Make reservations 1 week in advance for forklifts with high capacity or special equipments like rotator, carpet pin, clamps…
  • Standards can be ordered the day before for delivery the day after at 8 o’clock.
  • Always mention your full details on your order, like VAT number, invoicing address, date of delivery and place of delivery, a contact person on site, his mobile phone or the mobile phone of the site coordinator


  • Forklift has to be used following the operator manual.
  • Always respect the lifting capacity, the capacity differs according to lifting height, length of the forks and the different gravity points …. Can be consulted on the loading schedule fixed on the forklift
  • Forklifts haven’t to be inspected by Belgian law, if you need an inspection report, costs will be at your charge.
  • Report all damages and/or machine defects always before using the forklift by phone on 0800/24.000
  • Fuel always at customers charge
  • All damages made or caused by wrong use of the forklift is at customers charge
  • When you’re finished we ask you to clean the forklift, if we have to clean the forklift costs are at customers charge.

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