Know your way around renting a manitou

Which one ?

  • Following factors determine the type of manitou:
    • weight of the handled goods
    • height of lift
    • reach
  • You can order a manitou stabilisators, these are only available from the 10m manitou onwards.

Other important things to know

  • Standard equipment : forks.
  • Following accessories can be delivered following model of manitou, and will be extra charged, bucket, pulley block hook, winch, working platform with command only on manitou 21m

How to order?

  • Make reservations 1 week in advance for Manitou MRT2150, rotating
  • Standards can be ordered the day before for delivery the day after at 8 o’clock.
  • Always mention your full details on your order, like VAT number, invoicing address, date of delivery and place of delivery, a contact person on site, his mobile phone or the mobile phone of the site coordinator


  • Manitou has to be used following the operators manual.
  • Report all damages and/or machine defects always before using the forklift by phone on 0800/24.000
  • Fuel always at customers charge
  • All damages made or caused by wrong use of the forklift is at customers charge
  • Respect lifting capacity of machine, differs according to lifting height and can be consulted in the manual always available in the machine.
  • When you’re finished we ask you to clean the aerial platform, if we have to clean it costs are at customers charge.

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