Telescopic boom lift on crawler wheels

telescopic boom lift on crawler wheels

You can contact TVH Equipment for the rental of an diesel-powered tracked aerial work platform, for a period of 1 day to 5 years. The lifting heights of these tracked AWPs range from 14 to 23 metres.

When renting a tracked aerial work platform, agreements and price have been fixed in advance so that there are no unexpected surprises. Our own transport service delivers the rented machine on site right on time. If you do not own the legally required safety harness, then you can also rent this from us.

Below you can find detailed info on our fleet of aerial work platforms offered for rental.

For more info about the rental of a tracked AWP with hydraulic generator, please contact us. We will gladly assist in the search for the correct aerial work platform for your company.

Type Working height Platform height Horizontal outreach Weight Height Length Width Technical sheet
400SC 14m 12m 10m 6604kg 2160mm 7570mm 2240mm Fiche Request inquiry
SR12 14m 12m 7675kg 1720mm 6860mm 2300mm Fiche Request inquiry
SR12C 14m 12m 11m 7675kg 1720mm 6860mm 2300mm Fiche Request inquiry
460SJC 15m 13m 12m 8164kg 2320mm 8910mm 2240mm Fiche Request inquiry
600SC 20m 18m 15m 10230kg 2570mm 8510mm 2490mm Fiche Request inquiry
660SJC 22m 20m 17m 12293kg 2570mm 10840mm 2490mm Fiche Request inquiry
SR21A 23m 21m 19m 14900kg 2350mm 10150mm 2460mm Fiche Request inquiry

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