Thermal lift trucks

thermal lift trucks

You can contact TVH Equipment for the rental of thermal lift trucks for a period of 1 day to 5 years. Our thermal lift trucks, with LPG or diesel engine, have capacities ranging from 1,6 to 16 tonnes and have different lifting heights.

When renting a lift truck, agreements and price have been fixed in advance so that there are no unexpected surprises. All lift trucks are delivered with a good battery and battery charger. Our own transport service delivers the rented machine on site right on time.

When renting a lift truck from us, you can also choose to have the lift truck equipped with special attachments such as clamps, fork rotators, fork spreaders...

Below you can find detailed info on our fleet of forklift trucks offered for rental.

For more info about the rental of a thermal lift truck, please contact us. We will gladly assist in the search for the correct forklift truck for your company.

Diesel / LPG
Type Cabin height Capacity Weight Length Width
D18 / G18 2170mm 1800 kg 3100kg 2202mm 1070mm Request inquiry
D20 / G20 2185mm 2000 kg 3240kg 2243mm 1070mm Request inquiry
D25 / G25 2170mm 2500 kg 4280kg 2603mm 1170mm Request inquiry
D30 / G30 2160mm 3000 kg 4715kg 2700mm 1197mm Request inquiry
D40 / G40 2225mm 4000 kg 5840kg 3150mm 1450mm Request inquiry
D50 / G50 2230mm 5000 kg 6560kg 3190mm 1740mm Request inquiry
Type Cabin height Capacity Weight Length Width Technical sheet
7,0 T compact 2697mm 7000 kg 9699kg 2930mm 1438mm Fiche Request inquiry
D70 2500mm 7000 kg 9970kg 3650mm 2108mm Request inquiry
SpaceSaver 2697mm 7000 kg 9699kg 2930mm 1438mm Request inquiry
D80 999mm 8000 kg 11545kg 3970mm 2230mm Request inquiry
D100 2970mm 10000 kg 13750kg 4340mm 2350mm Fiche Request inquiry
D120 2970mm 12000 kg 15130kg 4340mm 2350mm Fiche Request inquiry
D130 2970mm 13000 kg 16800kg 4340mm 2350mm Request inquiry
D160 3170mm 16000 kg 18900kg 4715mm 2490mm Request inquiry
D160@1200 3200mm 16000 kg 22400kg 5575mm 2540mm Fiche Request inquiry
KALMAR 999mm 16000 kg 22400kg 5575mm 2540mm Request inquiry

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