TVH had the pleasure of welcoming the Access Alliance

05 April 2018

TVH recently had the pleasure of welcoming 11 members of the Access Alliance - the UK association of independent regional rental companies - at its global headquarters in Waregem, Belgium.

During these two days, the delegates got a tour around the warehouse and workshop, and they received a detailed explanation on the use of ‘recycle bins’. In these bins, Access Alliance members can collect core units from a set list of product groups to send them back to Belgium for repair and re-use.

The group also visited TVH Academy, as well as the electronics department.

Since September 2016, TVH Academy partners with F-TEC to provide technical and technical-commercial training courses in the UK. F-TEC is a training centre, based in Swindon, dedicated to meet the needs of the industry. At Vertikal Days on the 16th and 17th of May, TVH will introduce all visitors to the planned training courses. In the near future, TVH Academy will be supporting IPAF on technical training courses carried out by F-TEC.

The electronics department is one of the fastest growing departments of TVH. In 2003, this division started as a separate department, with 8 employees. Today,  the department employs more than 60 technicians. TVH’s electronics department is without any doubt one of the biggest, best equipped and most diverse service centres for electronic parts for all types of electric vehicles. The department repairs over 35 000 electronic parts each year.

We thank the Access Alliance for taking the time to visit TVH.

You can read the article written by the Access Alliance concerning the visit on

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