19 January 2022

Parts specialist TVH donates €5000 to 'Boven De Wolken' and 'BiJeVA vzw'. Both non-profits received a cheque of €2500. During the end-of-year period, the company organised various initiatives among its employees to raise money for the two non-profits. Colleagues could order homemade items or nice gifts from other colleagues and buy tickets for a raffle. 

Vzw Boven De Wolken is an organisation of photographers that take pictures of stillborn babies. The non-profit supports parents through the loss of their baby by giving them tangible memories and assisting them during those first difficult moments. Robbe Demeulenaere, Advanced Brand Purchaser at TVH, is a voluntary photographer for Boven De Wolken. He received the cheque of €2500 for the non-profit: "Friends of mine lost their baby shortly after my daughter was born. That really touched me deeply. Times like those make you realise how important tangible memories are. Shortly after, I joined Boven De Wolken. With the support of the TVH colleagues, we can give parents a beautiful keepsake of their baby."


BiJeVa is committed to helping people who are less fortunate by providing them with food, clothing and school supplies. Driving force Anny De Windt (78): "I've been part of BiJeVa for 17 years now. We provide not only food and clothes, but also organise activities and holidays for kids from families that don't have much to spend. What we are doing may only be a drop in the ocean, but it is well worth it to help those families. With the collected money from TVH we can provide meals for families and give children a nice week's holiday in the summer. I want to thank the TVH colleagues very much for their support!" 

Niki Mistiaen, Employee Happiness Advisor and co-organiser of the charity actions at TVH: "TVH is actively committed to charity. In the past, we organised actions for the benefit of 'Crohn- & Colitis ulcerosa Vereniging', 'Make-A-Wish' and 'De Brugge'. TVH always opts for charities to which its own employees attach great importance.

TVH overhandigt cheques

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