5 tips to defrost the windows of your machine on cold winter days

07 March 2019

During winter, not only the windows of your car risk freezing; your machine can of course also suffer from frosted windows. Prevention is always better than cure: prevent your windscreen from freezing by always storing your machine indoors at night. If this isn't an option, then cover the window(s) with an insulating blanket or cover.

If this isn't an option either, or your windows still became frosted due to the penetrating cold, then observe these five tips to defrost them in no time.

Tip 1: use de-icer

With de-icing spray, ice will disappear into thin air. You can easily obtain de-icer commercially and furthermore you can also find it in our range.


Tip 2: use screenwash with antifreeze

If your window is not completely frozen, but there is merely a thin deposit of ice, then the antifreeze in the screenwash will quickly and easily remove this. What's more, the screenwash reservoir and the hoses are protected against freezing thanks to the product.


Tip 3: provide a wide, plastic scraper

A wide, plastic scraper is a must-have if you want to clear your windscreen of ice by scraping. Scraping ice with anything else than a scraper can damage your windscreen and is usually also a lot slower. Even when using a scraper, it is advisable to spray your windscreen with de-icer to minimise the risk of scratches.

Tip 4: install heating in your cabin

Heating inside your cabin doesn't just improve your own comfort, it also helps to defrost your windows faster during cold winter days. How to improve the working comfort inside your cabin even further? Read all about it in our blog containing 5 tips for an ideal working comfort inside your cabin.

Tip 5: rub shampoo on the inside of your windscreen

Want to prevent condensation on the inside of your windscreen? You can easily do this by rubbing some shampoo or other detergent into the glass. Don't apply too much of course, or you might risk compromising the visibility through your windscreen.

And what should you NOT do to defrost your windows?

To conclude, we also want to inform you of what you shouldn't do to defrost your windscreen. First and foremost: letting your engine warm up idling. This doesn't help and, furthermore, it is really bad for your engine - as it leads to increased wear - and for the environment. Another thing that is strongly advised against, is pouring hot water over your windscreen, as the sudden temperature difference can cause your window to crack. As a final ‘don’t’, we also like to emphasise that your windscreen wipers were made to wipe away water, and not ice. By trying to wipe a frozen window, the rubber of your windscreen wipers wears considerably faster.

How can we be of service?

Always keep these 'do's-and-don'ts' in mind when defrosting your windows if you prefer not to lose too much valuable time from now on. Purchasing de-icer, screenwash with antifreeze or a reliable ice scraper? In our webshop MyTotalSource you can definitely find what you need, and in our Winter Products special you will find an overview of all the above-mentioned products.

However, if fate did still strike and left you with a broken window or wipers, you can always contact us for this. Our special range of windscreens, glazing and accessories will definitely feature what you need for your machine. Haven't found what you were looking for? Then definitely contact us, we will gladly help you.

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