Checklist: is your forklift ready for the summer?

The first rays of sunshine, a melting ice cream, a refreshing dip in the water, the smell of suntan lotion ... We can't deny it: summer is coming. We water the flowers extra, park our car in the shade and rub ourselves with a suntan lotion. Did you already consider that the sun can also have an impact on your forklift? Rubbing a lift truck with suntan lotion would be ridiculous. Fortunately there are a number of things you can take into account


Just like with a car, it is important to let the lift truck air. Check the coolant of your forklift with internal combustion engine regularly and top up if needed. Even the battery can be negatively affected by the warm weather. Is your lift truck equipped with an air conditioning unit? Use the a/c wisely by not setting it to the coldest temperature. Don't leave your lift truck parked in a sunny spot. Find a shadowy place where you can leave the lift truck. 

We also recommend giving your forklift a thorough maintenance before the start of the summer. Our useful checklist will help you carry out all steps of the summer maintenance. Download our infographic, thanks to the handy poster format you can easily hang it up in your warehouse so that you can inform your colleagues.

Another way to protect yourself and your lift truck against the sun, is to equip the lift truck with summer products and accessories, such as a solar cap or a sunscreen. Discover our range here.

So stay ahead of the sun and give your lift truck a thorough maintenance. Take into consideration the warm temperatures and realise that the sun can have an influence on the functioning of your forklift. If necessary, use summer products that protect you and your lift truck. 

Download the infographic

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Femke, TVH blogger

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