Hand trolleys and rollers

In need of equipment suitable to transport your goods? TVH has a very wide range of hand trolleys and rollers for different applications: from a simple hand truck to a specially equipped trolley. Are you required to transport bottles, car tyres ...? No problem! The specially equipped models are designed in such a way that these items can be stacked and transported perfectly. Need to climb stairs? No panic! We have models in our range that are able to do so. Hand trolleys exist in a fixed and folding version.

Hand trolley and Folded hand truck
Hand trolley: REF 144TA1763 | Folded hand truck: REF 141TA4883

There are different possibilities when it comes to materials. We sell both steel and aluminium hand trolleys and rollers, for both light- and heavy-duty use. Tyres are available in two types (solid or pneumatic tyres).

Do you need the equipment urgently? We have a continuous stock of multiple hand trolleys and rollers, as well as all their parts (such as wheels, handles ...), as a result of which these can be delivered quickly.

You can find the complete range in our 'Attachments & handling equipment’ catalogue starting from page 8, and in our 'Variofit Internal Transporting Equipment' catalogue.

Roller and Trolleys
Table trolley: REF 137TA1893 | Roller: REF 143TA7849

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