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Industrial floor sweepers are mostly used indoors, regularly in dimly lit warehouses filled with tall racks and other obstructions. To maximise safety, floor sweepers need some extra visibility to be easy seen by the environment.

At TVH, we offer a wide range of rotating beacons and strobe lights. These lights are part of our category 'Safety lights'. The main goal of these lights is to increase safety for the machine and the people working near them. Rotating beacons and strobe lights are a popular way to maximise visibility. These eye-catching safety lights quickly and easily inform people that a machine is in use or approaching. 

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Rotating beacons and strobe lights make it easy to let people know where you’re going. They’re available in LED, xenon and halogen versions. Depending on the technology, rotating beacons and strobe lights work differently:

  • LED technology is used in both rotating beacons and strobe lights. The rotating beacon is created by using a specific sequence of flashes in the light.
  • Xenon technology is only used to create flashes.
  • Halogen lights use a mirror to project the light beam around.

Strobe lights are often bolted onto the cleaning machine or attached with a magnet or suction cup. On outdoor-machines, it’s more common to have the lights pole mounted. We also have some plug-and-play models available. These are equipped with a magnetic mounting base and a 12 V plug; they’re very easy to install and uninstall as needed.

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TVH is a one-stop shop. We offer an extensive range of industrial floor sweeper lights. 

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We have lights compatible with all the biggest industrial floor sweeper brands, such as Alto, Clarke, Comac, Dulevo, Factory Cat, Fimap, Fiorentini, Gansow & Lavor, Hako, Kärcher, Minuteman, Nilfisk-Advance, Nobles, Powerboss, RCM, Taski, Tennant, Viper, Windsor and more. 

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