Services in the workshop at TVH's HQ in Belgium

Exchange service

Are you in need of an overhaul of an electric motor, thermal engine, reduction gearbox, steering axle, hydraulic cylinder, valve, electrical component, printed circuit board?

Taking into account your production process, we are committed to searching for the fastest and most efficient solution for you.

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Repair service

Our workshop in Belgium can help you with any type of repairs. If desired, we can draw up an estimate in advance, so that you are fully informed of the cost.

Types of repairs

Thermal and mechanical repairs

  • Repair of transmissions and front axles
  • Repair of steering axles
  • Overhaul of combustion engines
  • Overhaul of hydraulic cylinders
  • ...

Electrical repairs

  • Repair of electrical breakdowns
  • Diagnostics and parameterization of electrical/electronic circuits
  • Repair of electric motors
  • Sensor and actuator measurements
  • ...


  • Replacement of hydraulic pipes & hoses
  • Modification and repair of masts
  • Modification and installation of all possible attachments
  • All modifications in accordance with customer's demands
  • ...

Tyre service

Tyre service

  • Urgent repairs
  • Installation of pneumatic tyres and solid rubber superelastic tyres with a rim size up to 25"
  • Installation of solid tyres for extra compact machines with high stability

A specially trained team of engineers in Belgium is at your disposal with all their knowledge and experience.

Service exchange rims

We also stock a wide variety of service exchange rims. This way you don't need to immobilize your machine in advance.

We always fit the tyres on the rims. As a result of this, you can easily replace them yourself. 

Hydraulic service

The Hydraulic Service repairs and creates new hydraulic hoses. Contact us via or phone +32 56 43 42 58

Extensive range of high-pressure hoses and accessories

  • Rubber hoses
  • Reinforced with 1 or 2 layers of steel
  • Single or double plastic finish
  • Hose couplings
  • Adapters
  • Pressure gauges
  • ...

Paint service

In our paintshop in Belgium we recondition second-hand lift trucks by request of the customer.
In addition to a full reconditioning, we can also help you with touchups or repainting of new or second-hand lift trucks and aerial work platforms. Besides complete machines we also paint parts.

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