CAM attachments buyers take centre stage in new global campaign

17 December 2020

CAM attachments – a private label brand of attachments for a variety of industries and machines distributed by TVH – has launched an extensive campaign that is entirely based on customer experiences and stories. It has expanded its website with a new section dedicated to these testimonials, thus boosting transparency and allowing customers to take centre stage.

Practical point of view

“Putting customers at the heart of our business has always been essential to us”, says Claudio Giordano, Global Product Manager at CAM attachments. “So we figured, why not let them take the floor? This approach turned out to be ideal to increase brand awareness and inform prospects of our services, especially because it offers a very practical point of view.”

Input for further optimisation

With its new campaign, CAM attachments will publish over 50 customer stories on its website. It describes this as a kind of behind-the-scenes look for professionals who are considering buying the brand. “What’s more, the in-depth interviews with customers have been highly informative,” Claudio adds. “Any points of improvement mentioned, for example, allow us to further optimise our services.”

Straightforward representation

Indeed, while most testimonials highlight CAM attachments’ strengths, they don’t necessarily shy away from criticism. Claudio explains: “In the process of portraying customer experiences, we want to remain honest and straightforward. Our customers are demanding, and rightfully so, and of course have had the final say in what was published.”

CAM attachments’ campaign stories, which continue to grow in numbers throughout the coming months, can be found via


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