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The vast majority of all narrow-aisle forklifts are used indoors, regularly in dimly lit warehouses filled with tall racks and other obstructions. To maximise safety, narrow-aisle forklifts need to be easy to recognise and the operators must be able to see clearly. This is why narrow-aisle forklift safety lights are absolutely essential.

At TVH, we offer a wide range of lights that increase safety for narrow-aisle forklifts and the people working near them. Flashing beacons are a popular way to maximise visibility. These eye-catching safety lights quickly and easily inform people that a narrow-aisle forklift is in use. Bluespot lights project a blue warning spot on the ground, to make sure that pedestrians and other drivers see the warning light before they even see the narrow-aisle forklift. Projection warning lights communicate quickly and easily, letting people know which direction the narrow-aisle forklift is moving in and highlighting danger zones around the machine. 


At TVH, we offer a huge range of safety lights and essential lights for narrow-aisle forklifts: rear lights, front lights, indicator lights, number-plate lights, flashing beacons, work lights, LED strips and projection warning lights … you name it, we have it.

Narrow-aisle forklift lights are divided into two main categories: primary lights and secondary lights.


Primary narrow-aisle forklift lights are essential lights that every machine needs, for example, rear lights, front lights, marker lights, license plate lights and indicator lights. These lights are mandatory for narrow-aisle forklifts that are used on public roads. In addition, it’s an important safety feature for all other narrow-aisle forklifts. They protect pedestrians and operators and help to prevent accidents.

Need to use a narrow-aisle lift truck on public roads? Then the forklift lights must be marked as ‘E-approved’ to meet legal requirements. Not sure what type of forklift lights you need? Read our blog to learn more.

Secondary forklift lights

Secondary narrow-aisle forklift lights make working with narrow-aisle forklifts as safe and easy as possible. They maximise safety and comfort for operators, pedestrians and other drivers. This category includes rotating and flashing beacons, work lights and projection safety lights, for example, the popular Bluespot. 

Rotating and flashing beacons warn pedestrians and other machine operators of the presence of a narrow-aisle forklift. Work lights illuminate a work area and projection safety lights communicate clearly without making a sound. Read our blog to find out more.


Narrow-aisle forklift safety lights prevent accidents. They increase visibility and illuminate blind spots. Our range of safety lights includes flashing beacons for attracting extra attention, and projection warning lights to easily communicate the direction a machine is travelling in, as well as outlining the danger zones around it.

  • Projection warning lights: Looking for a safe, yet silent way to warn people in the warehouse about the movements of narrow-aisle forklifts? Communicate quickly and easily with these projection warning lights. Mounted on the narrow-aisle forklift, these safety lights create visual warning signals for the people nearby. It’s easy to see which direction a narrow-aisle forklift is moving in, so collisions, accidents and injuries are avoided. Check out the full range in this leaflet.
  • Rotating/flashing beacons: Rotating beacons and flashing lights make it easy to see where a narrow-aisle forklift is in use. We offer rotating beacons and flashing lights that use different technologies: LED, xenon and halogen. Find out more here.


Narrow-aisle forklift work lights illuminate a work area. They can be used anywhere off-road; it’s illegal to use them on public roads. We offer work lights with different technologies such as LED, halogen, xenon and incandescent.

They are available in different shapes: square, rectangular or round. Looking for extra light and visibility? Check out our LED strips. They are easy to install on a narrow-aisle forklift, or anywhere else.

LED work lights are split up into 2 types:

  • Flood beam: illuminates a wide area over a short distance
  • Spot beam: illuminates a long, narrow area over a longer distance. The intensity of light is higher in comparison with a flood beam light.

The light output of LED work lights is indicated in a value of lumen. The flood beam work light is most common and most used. If a work light has a spot beam or is available in both versions, this will be mentioned in the title or specifications. In all other situations the light shown will have a flood beam.

We have secured collaborations with top-quality brands

TVH offers essential and secondary lights from many well-known brands like Hella, Cobo, ABL, Sirena, Tyri, Nordic and Speaker. We also offer an extensive range of TotalSource lights. TotalSource is our in-house brand, offering quality that’s equal to original equipment brands for a better price. 

We have lights compatible with all the biggest narrow-aisle forklift brands, such as Aisle-Master, Bendi, Flexi Narrow Aisle and more.

The benefits of buying narrow-aisle forklift lights at TVH

TVH is a one-stop shop. We offer an extensive range of narrow-aisle forklift lights that use the latest LED technology. Most of the lights in our range are multi-voltage, so they offer more flexibility and user-comfort. They’re all available at great prices and fast delivery is guaranteed.

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