Why foam-filled tyres are the best choice for your telescopic boom lift

19 April 2019

Sturdy tyres guarantee safety

Just imagine it. You're on a construction site, working at a height of 10 metres with a mobile elevating work platform. When driving, you drive over a rock or some other sharp object, puncturing your tyre ... Even with the necessary fall protection equipment, this situation will probably not end well.

To avoid such situations, mobile elevating work platforms must be equipped with the correct tyres: foam-filled tyres. Filling tyres with foam serves two purposes. The first and most important reason is ─ thus ─ to avoid punctures. Secondly, the weight of the foam also acts as an extra counterweight so that the machine can work at higher altitudes more stably. Because of this foam, the weight of the tyres can sometimes amount to several hundred kilos.

What does the foam consist of and how are foam-filled tyres produced?

The foam used to fill tyres is created by mixing two liquids that produce a chemical reaction, and can be compared to a two-component glue. At TVH, these liquids are mixed with a computer-controlled machine that always ensures the correct 50/50 mixing ratio.


The machine then sprays the mixture in the tyre under the correct pressure. To ensure that the air present inside the tyre can escape, a vent hole is drilled in the tread of the tyre. When the tyre has been completely filled, this hole is sealed by means of a simple wood screw. Afterwards the tyres rest for 24 to 48 hours at 25 °C so that the filling can cure perfectly.

Foam-filling service

Since the spring of 2018, TVH has its very own cab to fill tyres with foam. This means that no other parties are involved in the tyres' foam-filling process, which results in a significantly lower price for our customers. When you opt for TVH, you can count on a fast delivery. The most common wheel assemblies are available directly from stock. If desired, we reuse your rims and fit them with the new tyres.


Our computer-controlled filling system guarantees a perfect 50/50 mixing ratio. In this way, human errors are avoided and we always obtain the same high-quality foam. In addition, you only pay for the exact amount of foam needed to fill the tyres. Before and after each filling, we carry out a quality check of the final product.

Not sure what tyre you need for your mobile elevating work platform? Fill in the contact form, provide us with the type and serial number of your machine and our technical researchers will look it up for you!

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