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Twistlocks are used to lift containers. How? A container has a hole in each of the four corners. The twistlock is guided into this hole, then rotates a quarter of a turn locking it in place, after which the container can be lifted. Twistlocks are made of a wear-resistant grade of steel.
We offer twistlocks suitable for different makes, including Bromma, Caterpillar, CVS Ferrari, ELME, Fantuzzi, Hyster, Kalmar, Linde, PPM, Sisu, SMV-Konecranes …

Quality Twistlocks for port equipment

Moving your container is risky. That is why it is important to use a high-quality twistlock. Our twistlocks are forged and tested so we can guarantee an excellent quality.

A certificate is always included with your order. The certificate is issued by an independent testing agency that tests the pins with loads four times higher than the lifting requirement. Do we need to say more?

More advantages

Next to twistlock pins, we also offer sensors. These are suitable for Bromma, ELME, Fantuzzi, Hyster, Kalmar, Sisu …

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