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A scissor lift is the perfect solution if you need to reach high places. Scissor lifts are part of the mobile elevating work platform branch, or MEWPs in short. They're used to lift people to areas that are hard to access, usually at altitude.

As scissor lifts are mostly used indoors and hardly ever on public roads, they don’t require primary lights. Safety lights, on the other hand, are highly recommended. As an operator you work at altitude, operating the scissor lift from a few metres up in the air. This can sometimes complicate having a clear overview of what is happening on the ground. That is where projection warning lights can help you to increase safety. 

Discover our range of scissor lift lights

TVH offers a wide range of safety lights. These are very popular on forklifts, but are also used on scissor lifts. Scissor lift safety zone lights demarcate a complete safety zone around the scissor lift. This way, passers-by know where it's safe to go and were they could get in danger.

The benefits of buying scissor lift lights at TVH

TVH is a one-stop shop. We offer an extensive range of safety lights for scissor lifts, all using the latest LED technology. Most of the lights in our range are multi-voltage, so they offer increased flexibility and user-comfort. All of them are available at great prices and a guaranteed fast delivery.

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Shop online, 24/7

TVH offers Tyri & TotalSource safety zone lights for scissor lifts. TotalSource is our in-house brand, offering a quality that is equal to original equipment brands but at a better price.  

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Find the scissor lift safety zone lights you need using MyProductSearch or MyPartsFinder on MyTotalSource. New at TVH? Click here to register. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a world of scissor lift lights at your fingertips.

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