Tire lock for aerial work platforms

Tire lock for aerial work platforms

Range of wheel clamps for aerial work platforms

Properly securing your machine? No problem with a wheel clamp. Thanks to the 4-digit code of the safety lock, the risk of theft of your machine is reduced.

For a tyre width of 160 to 360 mm, we can offer you the standard model (REF 138TA6554). A tyre width of 195 mm to 420 mm requires a larger wheel clamp, which TVH also has in its range (REF 138TA6982). 

Quality wheel clamps

You only opt for quality? So does TVH. We think it is important for you to always receive the part you desire. Are you curious to find out how we focus on quality? Then definitely view our movie.

Even more benefits

In addition to quality, TVH is guaranteed to provide you with a speedy delivery and an optimal after-sales service. Ordering quickly? Access our MyTotalSource webshop 24/7, wherever and whenever you want.

More info about wheel clamps

In addition to wheel clamps, TVH can also help you with many other products within the scope of safety, for you, your environment as well as your machine. You can consult the range in our ’Consumables & accessories’ catalogue.

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