5 tips for an ideal working comfort in your cabin

12 March 2019

Just like a desk, the cab of a machine must offer all working comfort to make work as pleasant as possible for the employee. Interior decorating of offices isn't really our speciality, but optimally equipping your cabin is. Observe the below 5 tips and create an optimal working comfort inside your cab.

Forklift driver in his cabine

1. Be prepared for all weather conditions by means of windscreens and wipers

Did you know that windscreens aren't installed by default on a cabin? This is of course no problem if your machine will only work inside. Will the machine often be used outside? Or rather in a dusty environment? In that case, we recommend installing a windscreen with wipers to increase the safety and comfort of your driver.

Read here how to install windows.

Interested in windscreens and glazing? Have a look in our catalogue ‘Windscreens and glazing’ for telehandlers and small earth-moving machinery.

2. Ensure a comfortable posture by means of mirrors in and around the cabin

Mirrors are vital in your cabin. It is important to have a good view of the environment and - as a result - of the employees around your machine. Install a sufficient amount of mirrors to avoid neck complaints by always having to turn around to check your surroundings.

Also consider stationary traffic mirrors at dangerous locations in your warehouse or on your worksite.

3. Extend your field of view to the maximum with a camera system

A mirror already offers a greatly enhanced view of your surroundings; would you like to take it one step further, however? A camera on your machine opens many doors.

Point your camera at a spot that is normally outside of your line of sight, e.g. the forks, roof, mast ... This way, you expand your view. The monitor gives you a view of what you want from your seat: your load, what is happening above or next to you, a few metres in front of or behind your machine ... The possibilities are endless.

In addition to a wider view, cameras offer many other advantages that contribute to the overall working comfort: a good ergonomic position but also easier manoeuvring, even when reversing ...

Besides cameras, there are also many other electronic accessories for your machine: radios, code switches, weighing systems, etc. Discover our range in the catalogue Electronic accessories.

Electronic accessories in the cabine

4. Create the ideal working temperature with air conditioning or cabin heating

On severe winter days it can get terribly cold, both outside on construction yards and inside in workshops and warehouses. The cabin won't stop the cold. You prefer not to be numb with cold after a couple of hours? In that case, install a good heater. This is the best way to quickly create a pleasant temperature inside your cabin.

Other days, your cabin may get too hot. This can cause you to become sluggish and get sleepy, and may result in unsafe situations. Keep a cool head and install air conditioning.

Temperatures may also affect your machine. Discover the effects of excessive heat and cold on your lift truck in our blog.

5. Keep documents and tools neatly arranged in your cab

As an employee, you want to work as efficiently as possible. Avoid repeated interruptions of your work due to missing documents, tools and supplies. Keep everything close at hand in organisers and document holders.

Organisers have different compartments that easily hold tools such as writing materials, measuring tools … in an orderly fashion.

Document holders avoid having to search endlessly for lost paperwork. They also keep important documents clean and crease-free. Is your machine often used outdoors? In that case it is recommended to use a waterproof document holder.

Organiser on a lift truck

Follow the above-mentioned tips and notice the difference in comfort straightaway. Do you have any questions or do you need any help with equipping your cabin? Feel free to contact us.

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