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The 15 advantages of our loading ramps

1. Effortless movement

The Thervan loading ramp can easily be moved with a lift truck. After the loading ramp has been firmly secured to the lift truck by tightening the fork clamp, you can drag the loading ramp to the correct location. Thanks to a recent improvement to this system, this is now even simpler and the lift truck driver only has to leave the lift truck once to secure the fork.

2. Easily adjustable in height

By means of a hydraulic system you can easily adjust the height of the loading ramp. The height ranges from a minimum of 90 cm to a maximum of 170 cm. This range ensures that you can adapt the loading ramp to the required height.

3. European quality

The Thervan loading ramps are manufactured in Europe. That is why they meet all necessary European safety standards and also carry the CE-mark. This way you are sure to receive optimal quality.

4. Simple coupling system

In order to guarantee a safe use of the loading ramp, it is necessary to secure it to the loading dock or the vehicle. That is why we supply two mounting chains so that you can easily secure the loading ramp.

5. Easy transport

With a width of just 2,28 m the loading ramp can easily be transported. This width allows the loading ramp to be fitted inside a lorry or even in a container. An additional advantage of this is that you can deploy the loading ramp in multiple locations if necessary.

6. Galvanised antiskid grid

The grid on which the lift truck drives is galvanised. The main advantage this offers is that the loading ramp is stronger. On top of that the galvanised grid is also better for the tyres, causing them to wear out less rapidly.

7. For lift trucks and other warehouse equipment

A loading ramp is most often used to allow a lift truck to drive up the ramp. But the Thervan loading ramp is also accessible to other smaller industrial equipment.

8. Lateral coupling system

The system to connect the loading ramp to the lift truck is situated on the side, as a result of which it is easily accessible. The position of this coupling system also ensures that is doesn’t have to be removed from the loading ramp in order to be able to use the ramp.

9. Double wheels

The Thervan loading ramp is equipped with double wheels that make it easier to position the ramp in the correct spot. The double wheels provide a better manoeuvrability.

10. Simple and easy hydraulic system

The simple construction of the hydraulic system provides the necessary durability and ease of use. Furthermore the lever to raise the loading ramp to the desired height is situated on the side. This position makes the lever very easy to operate.

11. Sandblasted (anti-rust formation)

The loading ramp is sandblasted. As a result, it is protected against the formation of rust. This results in a longer life span of the loading ramp.

12. Grid in multiple compartments

The grid of the loading ramp is composed of multiple segments. In the event that there is a problem with a specific section of the grid, you can easily replace the damaged segment. So no need to replace the complete grid.

13. Advantageous price

The Thervan loading ramp has an advantageous price that is unique for the offered quality. You can be sure of a good buy. Furthermore you have a 1-year warranty on parts such as the pump and the tyres.

14. Easy installation on the trailer

A recess was created on the edge of the horizontal platform, so that the loading platform rests on the trailer. This makes the loading ramp extremely stable.

15. Full capacity of the trailer

The end of the loading ramp ends in a 2.5 metre horizontal platform. This allows for the lift truck to also place a load all the way in the back of the trailer, so that the full capacity can be utilized.

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