5 tips to safely work with a forklift

A safe working environment in a warehouse remains an important working point, both for employees and the employers. Without concrete agreements, a warehouse can turn out to be a high-risk workplace. Is your warehouse a safe working environment? Read our 5 tips to make your workplace even safer. 

1. Create footpaths and markings

Markings and lines clarify the functionality of each space.  Which area is reserved for the lift truck?

Where does the pedestrian area end? Use different colours of paint for each zone. Even on the company grounds it is useful to apply road markings. Indicate the loading area, unloading area and parking spaces.


Clear lines can prevent lift trucks from colliding with other lift trucks, vehicles or persons.

2. Clean up waste

Lingering waste such as packaging materials or empty boxes can lead to an accident.
Provide a sufficient amount of dustbins at different locations, such as in the aisles, at the head of aisles or at cleared picking locations.
The use of a skip as a waste container is the perfect way to sort waste in a professional working environment. Skips are available in different colours, which facilitates sorting. Even emptying a skip by means of a lift truck is easy.

3. Use your lift truck in the correct way

Know your lift truck and its functioning. Provide sufficient training courses on a regular basis. 

Be aware of the impact of a lift truck on your working environment.

Even maintenance is crucial. Are all components functioning optimally? Which parts require replacing? Which parts are suitable? A worn or improperly-maintained chain can e.g. lead to chain breakage, incorrectly selected forks can cause the lift truck to tip over ... Equip your lift truck with safety products, such as a reversing camera, a camera system or extra lighting. Being heard and seen is vital in a working environment in which these machines are used.


It is therefore important to gather knowledge about the functioning and maintenance of the lift truck.  A well-functioning lift truck contributes to a safe working environment.

4. Take a frequent break

A well-rested employee is invaluable. Fatigue can lead to inattention, which is detrimental in a working environment where lift trucks and pedestrians cross paths. By taking short breaks on a regular basis, you remain alert and avoid high-risk situations.

5. Report dangerous situations

As an employee, you are the most suitable person to report dangerous situations to your supervisor. Are the road markings insufficiently clear? Are the rules confusing? Do you have problems with your lift truck? Address your supervisor and create a safe working environment together.


Safety is and always remains an important working point. The above-mentioned tips are simple and easily applicable to your working environment. Even at TVH, we work hard every day to create a safe working environment. Our prevention advisors play an important part in this. They take training courses on a regular basis, and in this way they keep their knowledge about safety up-to-date. 

From our expertise we have composed an assortment of safety products that contribute to a safe working environment. From lights to back-up alarms, TVH also takes care of your safety


Femke, TVH blogger

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