Lights for forklifts

Lights for forklifts

Product Range Lights for forklifts

TVH has a wide range of different types of lights, using various technologies: LED, xenon, halogen … Part of the lights come with an E-rating, which means that you can use these lights on public roads:

  • indoor lights
  • front lights
  • rear lights
  • reflectors
  • indicator lights
  • rotating beacons and strobe lights
  • worklights

TVH is constantly looking for new applications to meet the demands of the lift truck market.

  • Do you work in an extremely cold or dark environment? Even for these particular circumstances we have the appropriate assortment of lights for you. 
  • Our professionals are working on a large expansion of light utilities for priority vehicles.
  • We are constantly developing new mounting techniques, such as mounting stands, protection guards ...

You can even contact us for separate parts such as lenses or bulbs.

Quality Lights for forklifts

Our own brand TotalSource® offers excellent quality lights at a market-competitive price. In addition to TotalSource®, we also offer lights from other top brands such as:

  • Cobo 
  • Hella
  • Sirena
  • Tyri
  • Meteorlite
  • ABL
  • ...

More advantages

Thanks to our extensive stock, you can count on a very short lead time.

More info

  • Are you curious about the lights we have on offer? Then be sure to have a look at our 'Lights & Bulbs' catalogue. In this catalogue, you'll find all types of lights, ranging from front and rear lights, to work and safety lights. Because we attach great importance to safety, we continue to expand our range of safety lights. View the full overview of our projection warning lights in this leaflet or read more about these forklift safety lights in this blog article.
  • Via MyProductSearch in MyTotalSource, you can look up your desired light by specifying the product details. You can also base your search on your truck details (make, type and serial number of your lift truck) in the module MyPartsFinder.
  • Please contact us for further info.

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