32 Units of Blood Donated by TVH

28 January 2022
32 Units of Blood Donated by TVH


TVH employees made an impactful start to the year through a blood drive during late January at our Americas headquarters in Olathe, Kansas. This event is one that is never overlooked by our employees as we had 29 returning donors. Marketta Foley, a Primary Picking Lead, was a Power Red Donor for the first time and said, “I have been a donor most of my life and will continue to do so. My heart and desire is to help families with children in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) because my daughter had eight transfusions as a preemie.”

Additionally, we had two first timers that helped tremendously to achieve a donation of 32 units of blood! Dave Lentz, an Associate Material Handler, donated for the first time ever and was convinced to be a repeat participant. He said, “I had never donated before so when I saw that TVH hosts blood drives, I signed up. Not only can I mark one more thing off my bucket list, I plan on doing it again.”

To further support solving the national blood crisis, we had a few special individuals who gave a Power Red donation. The Power Red donation option safely gives donors the opportunity to donate two units of red blood cells while simultaneously returning plasma and plates to that individual. All 31 of our participants aided towards potentially saving 96 lives in our community.

Our Olathe location continues to be recognized and honored as a member of the Premier Blood Partners Program. Employees are encouraged to donate blood on-site during one, or all, of the three blood drives held every year. Rosa Hernandez, a Decal Production Assistant, explained, “The need for blood is great and donating gives the opportunity to save lives. I want to be a part of that.”

Robert Seigler, Assistant Warehouse Manager at our South Carolina location, said, “I donate blood for several reasons. I consider it a mini physical each time, as they measure blood pressure, pulse, temperature, hemoglobin, etc. I also believe it reduces future cardiovascular risks and helps maintain a healthy body weight. Plus, the main reason is helping others in a critical need for blood!” With the ability to donate blood every 56 days, TVH employees all over the country are donating and giving back to their communities. We are proud of their efforts and patiently await the next blood drive this spring!

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