A 6 Week Commitment to a Healthier You!

07 May 2019
A 6 Week Commitment to a Healthier You!

At TVH, we offer our employees a variety of tools to support a healthy lifestyle. One of these tools is our TVHNudge program, where employees can participate in many health and wellness opportunities to encourage healthy habits.

This month, TVH employees embarked on a 6 week journey with Coach Lucy DelSarto. Lucy brings over three decades of coaching experience in the wellness industry. Lucy expertise grew from her lifestyle and commitment as a former Top 16 Professional Athlete.

Every Tuesday, employees will learn real-life solutions and techniques to help to create balance and well-being in their lives. Topics such as diet, stress management, exercise, and gratitude will be covered in a 30-minute interactive class providing everyone a chance to embrace the wellness lifestyle. 

"Lucy’s wellness classes were a delight to go to and down to earth. Her classes touched on many facets of our everyday life and helped inform as well as enlighten us to what we truly have in our lives. Our classes ranged from exercise, diet, gratitude, and even to the spiritual. I highly recommend Lucy’s wellness class because of her personal approach to live a life of wellness," comment Aaron Aguilar, Graphic Designer. 

At TVH, we recognize that health and wellness leads to optimal employee performance and the health of our staff ensures the health of our company.

Small choices add up to big changes. 

DCM = Daily Choices Matter

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