Be Heard When Moving Backwards

31 May 2019
Be Heard When Moving Backwards

Working in the material handling and equipment industry is full of risks related to limited visibility, distracted pedestrians, and a loud work environment. Being heard when operating equipment is a very important safety measure, and TVH offers multiple backup alarms for a variety of makes and models. To be most effective, backup alarms need to be around 10 decibels above the ambient noise level of the surrounding area. TVH carries a large range of backup alarms ranging from 77dB to 117dB.

The STA20502 is one of our most popular and cost effective backup alarms. With a decibel level of 97, this backup alarm is loud enough to handle most common warehouse environments. We also have self-adjusting alarms with a dB range from 82-107, like the STA20154A. This backup alarm listens to the ambient noise level using a built in microphone and automatically adjusts its sound output to be louder than the surrounding noise level. Sometimes a backup alarm needs to do double duty. TVH carries multi-function alarms, like the STA35702D, that when added on a forklift, has the ability to have two tones: (1) the normal backup alarm tone and (2), a separate tone that is emitted when the forks are being raised up on the machine. These alarms provide extra safety measures for the operators and pedestrians nearby.

Safety is always a top priority for us at TVH. While having a backup alarm by itself is a good safety measure, we recommend pairing them with backup lights, sensors, and strobes to maximize safety. TVH is your one-stop-shop for backup alarms, contact your sales representative for all your safety accessory needs today. 

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