Having Some Fun in the Sun

03 June 2021
Having Some Fun in the Sun

TVH has always encouraged our employees to lead a healthier lifestyle by being active, eating right, and taking care of their physical and mental well-being. With that in mind, one popular activity that team members enjoy participating in is the Garden Club at TVH! The Garden Club was established at TVH in Olathe almost a decade ago, and has grown from just 10 employees at its infancy to over 30 employees and counting in 2021! TVH’s on-site gardens helped get employees active and interested in gardening while at work. Employees loved the opportunity so much that we established on-site gardens at our distribution centers in Grayslake, IL and Mexico City, MX. Even some of our employee’s children at TVH Kids, our on-site preschool located in Olathe, KS, have gotten in on having some fun in the sun by growing a little garden of their own! 

Not only can gardening provide a reliable source of fresh food, or beautiful flowers to admire, but there are numerous studies that show evidence of activities such as gardening helping to improve your overall well-being. Just a few of the advantages of starting your own garden include:

  • Eat fresher, better tasting food, at a cheaper cost
  • Improved diet that includes chemical-free, organic food that is straight from the source
  • Improved health by keeping you physically active
  • Improved mental health by reducing stress levels and improving brain health

TVH loves gardening so much that we even started an annual Garden Challenge, allowing our employees who have gardens of their own to be rewarded for simply enjoying outdoors and promoting good health! This way TVH Team members and their families get to enjoy the fruits of our labor at work and at home!

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