Keep Safety in Sight with TVH

24 November 2021
Keep Safety in Sight with TVH


One of the easiest and most efficient steps you can take to ensure the safest work environment possible is to implement visual warning systems. An effective way to put this kind of system into practice is installing projection warning lights directly onto your forklift. These warning systems are designed to provide highly visible light to alert pedestrians of approaching machinery before it is heard in loud warehouse environments.

Visual forklift warning systems come in a variety of sizes, color options, and designs. For a simple, straightforward solution, the SY83955 blue LED projection warning light is the perfect remedy to help address your safety concerns. It is manufactured with rugged solid-state LEDs, allowing it to withstand shock and vibrations, and even comes with a universal pedestal mount, making installation a breeze no matter the make and model of your machine.

For those looking for something a little more than a simple safety warning light, we’ve got you covered with the SY83955-ARROW. This warning light system offers the exact same performance and reliability as the SY83955, but displays a directional arrow light instead of a traditional flood-style light. This directional lighting gives the operator, and anyone working in the general vicinity of the forklift, a distinct and reliable indicator of the future path of that machine.

One of our most advanced projection warning lights, SY549271, takes the best of both worlds to give you peace of mind. This LED projection warning light system is installed on all four sides of the forklift and emits a red line 360 degrees around the entire machine. This state-of-the-art feature gives operators and others around them an exact measurement of where they are considered to be in a “safe zone”, helping to minimize collisions and accidents.

TVH is the one-stop-shop to help keep you safe and sound. For more information on pricing and availability on our entire selection of our safety warning lights, visit or contact your sales representative today!

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