Keeping Coworkers Connected Through Social Media

02 July 2020
Keeping Coworkers Connected Through Social Media

The social distancing guidelines that came with the new reality during the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on personal connections with coworkers, friends, and family. However, here at TVH, we don’t just settle for the ordinary; we look for ways to make things extraordinary. To do so, we turned to social media challenges to keep our employees connected.

One challenge came from the We Are One committee, called the #WeAreOneChallenge. During this challenge, our employees joined their colleagues worldwide to carry out different activities each week. The first week saw the creation of a TVH inspired playlist on Spotify. There were so many amazing songs suggested, the playlist turned out to be 17 hours long! In weeks two and three, employees helped to create photo albums. These albums held pictures of our teams staying connected while maintaining social distancing and performing random acts of kindness for others. Weeks four and five allowed employees to express their creative sides. From drawing a favorite quote for their new workspace to creatively spelling out We Are One using household items, we enjoyed seeing everyone’s talents come to life!

The other challenge came from the TVHNudge program called the #giveme10challenge. In this challenge, our Health and Wellness Coach, Lucy DelSarto, worked to ensure everyone was staying healthy and active. Each week she issued a physical challenge to all our employees through our social media sites. So, no matter which social media site is your favorite, Coach Lucy’s challenges were up for everyone to see. During the #giveme10challenge, she asked employees for 10 reps of five different exercises that would get them up and moving. Starting off with squats, everyone also showed off their boxing jabs, jumping jacks, arm circles, and dance moves! It was great to see the photos and videos of our employees getting up, following along, and challenging friends to do the same. Being able to stay connected to each other through social media has allowed us to keep our company culture strong. While we don’t know how long we will have to continue social distancing, one thing is for sure, our employees’ commitment and connection to each other are extraordinary.

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