TVHInnovate Program is Expanding

15 May 2017

TVH in the Americas (TVH), have expanded their TVHInnovate program to all locations. The program strives to give employees a voice and an opportunity to express their ideas about how to better their work environment.

The TVHInnovate program is located on TVH’s employee intranet called TVHInside. If an employee has an idea that can better a company process or an employee or customer experience, they simply visit TVHInside and submit their idea through the TVHInnovate page. Once submitted, the TVHInnovate administrator will review the submitted idea and send it through the proper channels. Employees will also have the ability to track the progress of their idea and see what others have submitted. If the idea is implemented, that employee can win prizes like T-shirts and much more.

 “TVH reinforces the cultural DNA needed to foster a future of endless growth and possibility.” Said Fannie Hooks, TVH’s Human Resources Partner, “We empower our employees to think outside of the box and provide them a platform to share their creativity, through the TVHInnovate idea program.” 

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