What Battery Charger Do You Need?

13 January 2021
What Battery Charger Do You Need?

Here’s a charger, there’s a charger, everywhere there are chargers, but which charger will actually fit your needs? When starting the charger-buying journey, you first need to know what type of battery you will be using. The two most common types of batteries are Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries. Each type of battery comes with its own charging needs and challenges. Lead Acid batteries' unique design makes it so they can't be charged to their full potential. Excess charging would cause gassing and water depletion. This means you will need to choose a charger that will not overcharge the battery. Lithium-Ion batteries have a high-energy capacity, require short charge times, and don’t have to be entirely or partially discharged before recharging. These batteries are great options if you have limited charge times, and they can handle thousands of charge/discharge cycles.

Once you know which battery will work best for you and your fleet, you can start looking at types of chargers. There are four main types of chargers, Conventional, Opportunity, Fast, and On-Board. Conventional chargers are perfect for fleets that operate on a one-shift period. They need 8-10 hours of charge time to achieve a full charge, but this does give the longest battery life. Opportunity chargers are best suited for operations that have multiple shifts. Batteries can be charged whenever there is an opportunity such as, during breaks, lunch, or between shifts.

Fast chargers only need two to four hours to charge a battery and reduce the need to purchase multiple batteries for your machines. These chargers are great for fleets that have back-to-back shifts. On-Board chargers are built-in and can charge the battery at any given time. Without the need for an external charger or charging area, this charger saves time and space, making it an excellent option for rental fleets.

Now that you have an idea of the type of battery and charger that would work best for your fleet, it’s time to find the perfect charger for you. TVH offers a complete line of Energic Plus battery chargers that can be used for electric forklifts, electric vehicles, personnel carriers, MEWPs, sweepers, scrubbers, and more! For Lead Acid batteries, TVH recommends the Energic Plus Transformer Charger. This charger is suitable for Lead Acid batteries only, but it has a large range of sizes to cover most battery capacities.

Next in line is the Opportunity Charger, which is perfect for Lead Acid batteries as well. This charger is best for industrial equipment where the battery can be charged during breaks. If your fleet utilizes different voltage and amperage-hour rated batteries, consider using the High-Frequency Charger. This multi-volt charger has the ability to adjust the DC amperage output. With a selection of different charging profiles, the High-Frequency Charger can lengthen the total battery life and maximize your energy savings. When using a battery module on each battery in your fleet, the High-Frequency Charger can reduce the number of charging units you need for each type of battery. The High-Frequency Charger will recognize the battery module when it’s within the charger’s proximity. The charger will then automatically adjust the setting for that specific battery after an initial setup.

Learn about these chargers and more by contacting your sales representative today!

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