Strobe light production
Strobe light production
Backup alarm production
Backup alarm production
Backup alarm production
Contactor production

TVH is committed to staying current with the latest technologies, developing new products, and gathering product information to better serve our customers.  Quality is at the forefront of our electronics' design and production processes .... all electronic components are tested 100%.

TVH has the ability to offer ....

  • Flexibility ... can alter production schedules on the spot
  • Small to medium production runs
  • Prototype capabilities ... quick changes to components

Backup Alarms

From the design of a universal fit backup alarm to a custom application for an OEM, TVH maintains the same high standard from design through production.

Safe-T-Alert® backup alarms feature epoxy encapsulated circuit boards to protect against extreme weather conditions.  Self-adjusting alarms will adjust to necessary sound levels while meeting safety requirements.

Warning Lights

Meteorlite® warning lights are available with LED, strobe or halogen technology and a variety of brightness, voltage, size, color, and mount options.

LED warning lights are increasingly becoming the preferred light choice for vehicle safety.  With their low current draw and operational life of 10,000 hours, LED technology is energy efficient and economically resourceful.

Electronic Assemblies

Accelerator Switches Meters Time Delays
Activators PMC Controllers Transistors
Diodes Rectifiers Vehicle Control Cards
Encoders Remanufactured Control Handles  

Electro Mechanical Items

Cables Foot Pedal Switches Relays
Chain Kits Harnesses Switches
Contactors Potentiometers Wheels & Rollers