Train the Trainer

Who should attend?

Anyone that works in the parts department or parts sales department.


A one day seminar designed to teach you the skills you need for training sessions.  During this seminar you will learn training guidelines and presentation planning tips that will help make you an effective communicator.


Seminar includes training on the Fleet Manager program.  This training will give you the information to participate in the program, while also learning effective training skills on how to instruct your Fleet Managers more efficiently.  You will also have in-depth training on IRMN and our latest features.

About IRMN Fleet Manager:

  • Customer has access to all necessary IRMN information, with exception of your cost, resulting in fewer calls and questions from your customer.
  • Customer sees their cost, set by you, and does their own part research, price checking, ordering, tracking orders and receiving of parts.
  • No pulling, packing and shipping or delivery of parts.
  • Parts ship direct to customer reducing delivery time and expense.
  • Increases your sales with no added inventory.  TVH distribution centers act as your warehouses.
  • Helps to lock in customer purchases for your company through a signed three year contract.
  • All information on customer purchases can be tracked from your end.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Information on over 450 makes and 20,000 lift truck models in IRMN.
  • Over 5.5 million application numbers for material handling equipment.
  • OEM & component manufacturer parts (Baldwin, GE, Impco, Timken, etc.)
  • Single source versus multiple dealer sourcing saves time and money:  IRMN replaces the need for multiple phone calls and faxes, and electronic ordering reduces transaction cost.
  • IRMN quote screen can act as RSPL (Recommended Spare Parts List) specific to each customer's fleet eliminating the need to resource the same part twice.
  • Database / search engine characteristics of IRMN reduces the time your customer spends sourcing parts with you and your competitor.
  • For more information contact your business development regional manager.