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The goal of this class is to provide professional training for employees who have contact with customers on a face-to-face basis and over the phone, including technicians and Customer Sales and Service Representatives of the dealership. We will cover the techniques necessary to increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

Enhancing the Customers' Buying Experience

This class has been designed to provide professional training for everyone in the dealership who talks to or meets face to face with customers on a regular basis. We will cover the techniques to enhance the customers’ buying experience which will result in increased and repeated sales and profit.

Value-Added Selling

Value-Added Selling is conveying to the customer or to the prospective customer that your dealership will take care of them as a customer after the sale of the product. This class provides the ground work for developing a value-added culture

Customer Satisfaction

The goal of this class is to provide professional training for dealer principles, supervisors and managers of the dealership. We will cover the techniques necessary to provide customer satisfaction resulting in customer retention.

Motivating and Compensating

The goal of this class is to provide professional training for dealer principals, supervisors and managers of the dealership on how to motivate a winning team.

When Your Price is Right

The Most common objection in the selling world is the price objection; it is also projected to be the most difficult objection to overcome.  In this course you will learn a variety of best practices for overcoming the price objection and learn how to see the objection as an opportunity to make the sale.

TVHU Sales Psychology

With the vast amount of options your customers have, it sees difficult to stand out from the crowd.  This class is designed to teach you how to build strong relationships with your customers that will in turn prove to them that they are not just buying from you because of your products or services but because they know you have their best interest in mind.

The Sales Call

This class focuses on the process of hiring sales people as well as the best methods of training to create a professional and dedicated sales team.  Learn how your parts and service departments can function at the highest level of professionalism and generate sales time and time again.

Management by Objective

In this class you will learn a management technique designed to create a more profitable and efficient dealership.  Learn how to bring together the dealership as a whole to work toward achieving specific, measurable objectives.  This step by step guide will show you how to implement and maintain this technique in your dealership to make your business function effectively and grow your profit.

Creating Job Descriptions

In this class you will find a complete series of job descriptions for the parts department, service department, service sales person and other positions.  these descriptions are intended to be used as a guideline to create descriptions tailored toward your own dealership and personnel.

Eliminating Fraud

Employee theft is on the rise and studies have shown it is now the biggest contributor to revenue loss.  In this class you will learn the most common types of fraud, what it looks like, and the clues that may indicate potential theft.  Additionally, you will learn the different techniques and policies that when used can dramatically reduce your chances of revenue loss.

ASR Pay Plan

Your aftermarket workforce is your strongest profit generator and critical in the growth of your business.  In order to motivate them to be the best, you need to show them how much you appreciate their hard work with proper compensation and incentives.  This course will walk you through how much your aftermarket workforce contributes to your overall profit as well as how to calculate a reasonable pay plan.

Inventory Control

The parts and equipment you stock are your profit generator, the heart and soul of your business.  In this class you will learn various practices that, when applied, will ensure your inventory is accurate, and most importantly growing your business to its highest potential.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing may be one of the oldest digital marketing strategies, but it is still one of the best ways to communicate with consumers.  This class will teach you how to implement email marketing into your business and how it can benefit your sales and profits.

Social Media 101

In this class you will learn how to start marketing your company on social media and how you can use it to strengthen the relationships you have with current and potential customers.

Website Creation

As you embark into the digital marketing world, your first venture should be creating a stellar website.  This class is designed to show you how to create a website that will attract new customers and put your company on the map.