Document and device holders

Document and device holders for forklifts
Device holder for tablets
Document case
Document pouch
Document roll
Magnetic clipboard
Magnetic tool organiser
Multi organizer console

Tired of losing your paperwork and documents, dropping your bar code scanner or losing track of your numerous tools due to a sloppy organisation? These everyday situations prevent you from working at peak efficiency. They can, however, be avoided by using some small but clever tools.

Gather and organise your tools easily with organising consoles

Stop wasting time searching for your important tools at key moments. With a simple tool organiser, you can keep your writing materials, packaging tape, cutting knives ... safe and close at hand whenever you need it.

No more lost and wrinkled paperwork thanks to document holders

While a lot of companies are transitioning to a digital organisation, paper documents such as shipping documents, inventory lists ... are still vital in many warehouses. Sadly, a lot of these papers get lost or wrinkled, resulting in time loss. You can keep your paperwork safe by using simple document holders such as:

  • Cases, boxes and trays
  • Rolls
  • Pouches
  • Magnetic clipboards
  • Document clamps

If you have to work outside, we advise you to opt for a waterproof solution.

Protect your bar code scanner, smartphone or tablet with our device holders

Electronic tools simplify various tasks. It’s important to keep your devices safe and close while working. To do so, you can use device holders to attach these devices to the cabin of your forklift, telehandler, excavator … We offer an extensive range of device holders of the brand RAM. These RAM mounts are dustproof and shock- and vibration-resistant, and are specifically suited for industrial applications.

TVH offers the following device holders:

  • Set for a bar code scanner
  • Set for a smartphone
  • Set for a tablet

These are available with various fixation methods:

  • With a suction pad
  • With a clamp
  • To be drilled or fixed onto a surface

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