General info about reconditioned parts

What many people don’t know, is that TVH has a repair service for used parts.

We repair used parts in our specialised workshops at the TVH headquarters in Belgium which, after extensive testing, are given a second life as ‘reconditioned part’. This is done according to strict quality standards. This way, we contribute to a circular economy.

Don’t worry about missing out. We automatically inform you whether a reconditioned part is available. If there is, it will always be mentioned on your price offer. In this way, we give you the possibility to choose between a new or a refurbished piece. 

Are you unsure about the quality of our refurbished parts? There’s no need. Our refurbished parts come with the same warranty as our new parts. This shows that our quality certainly meets the requirements.

Why opt for a reconditioned part?

  • Save money
  • Benefit from the same quality and warranty as new parts have
  • Contribute to a green future


1.  We can offer you a reconditioned part, with return of your old unit

You can buy a reconditioned part at a reduced price, in return for your old unit. 

How does this work? When buying a reconditioned part, a surcharge amount will appear on your invoice. When you return your old unit, subject to normal wear, this surcharge will be credited.

Common reconditioned parts with return of old units are: printed circuit boards, valve assemblies, joysticks, chargers, electric motors, reductors, steering axles, transmissions, cylinders, radiators …

2.  We can offer you a reconditioned part, without return of your old unit

We also offer reconditioned parts that don’t require the return of an old unit. As a result, no surcharge is mentioned on the offer. 

Common reconditioned parts that don’t need a return of old units are: covers, front axles, contactors, housings … 

3. We can repair your faulty parts

If no new or reconditioned part is available and you specifically need that particular part, then you can send us your faulty part for repair by our specialised engineers.

How does this work? On our website, you can find our repair form. After you filled in the required fields (address, type of repair, information on the faulty part …) you can choose if you want us to come and pick up the part or if you will send it to us. 

When we have received your part, our repair team will inspect it and send you a price estimate, after which you can decide whether you would like us to repair the part or not.

Need more information? Consult our repair form or read more about it here.


Are you planning to replace a faulty part on your machine by a new one? Did you know that the part you remove might still have a certain value? By selling your old units to TVH, the parts don't need to be scrapped, which is a direct saving for you. We repair them and offer them a second life in another machine.

We purchase below parts:

  • Printed circuit boards
  • Motor controllers
  • Electric motors
  • Steering housings
  • Reductors
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Electronic joysticks
  • Accelerators
  • Radiators
  • Rear axles
  • Orbitrol units
  • Cylinders
  • Battery chargers
  • Injection pumps
  • Converters
  • Hydrostatic parts
  • Transmissions
  • Internal combustion engines

Click here to see an overview of our reconditioned parts.


We purchase machines all over Europe, with the aim to disassemble them and recondition the usable parts. Our reconditioned parts department has a continuous stock of approximately 2000 machines from which we can recycle parts. We test the machines that arrive and recondition the parts that are still functional. To complete the process we repaint the parts so that they look as new. 


View this movie to see how we deal with the restoration: disassembly, cleaning, assembly, repainting, testing ...

In ‘Discover our reconditioned parts’ you can find all the information about this service: definition, ways to order, types of reconditioned parts, quality testing …

In ‘Discover our parts workshop’ you’ll learn more about how our people work to get the old units back on track: reconditioning, repair, assembly of parts and quality control.

Our electronics department works closely with the rebuild department. Many of the parts we repair have electronic components and need specific know-how. In ‘Discover our electronics department’ you can read all about it.

Electric motors are one of the parts that are rather expensive and are therefore often purchased as a reconditioned part. In our brochure ‘Discover our electric motors’, you’ll find all the information you need about our range, brands, parts and information about the reconditioned electric motors.


Please contact if you want to sell us your old parts or machines.

If you want to sell us your old parts, please fill in the form ‘We buy your old parts’. The complete procedure is stated at the bottom of the form.  

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