Discover our range of mini-excavator cameras

Mini-excavators are mostly used to load and process bulk materials, such as asphalt, dirt, rocks … They are very useful on construction sites, but their size can sometimes cause difficulties when working and manoeuvring. This is where a camera system can come in handy. Our range includes some heavy-duty, water- and dustproof cameras, ideal solutions for your mini-excavator.

We can easily divide our mini-excavator cameras into different price categories.

  • Budget:
    Looking for a quality camera at the best price? Then you should definitely try a camera set from our budget range. Enjoy mini-excavator cameras with a low price but with good quality. 
  • TotalSource Electronic Accessories®:
    Our personal recommendation. TotalSource Electronic Accessories® is our private label for electronic accessories: cameras, weighing systems, digital security locks … Our TotalSource camera systems are of better quality than the budget range.
  • Premium:
    Our premium range of camera systems includes renowned brands such as Motec, Orlaco and LiftCam. These camera systems always meet the latest requirements and trends of the market.

If you buy your mini-excavator camera at TVH, you will receive the total package, including a manual and a sun visor. For wireless mini-excavator cameras, this e.g. also means a remote control and a battery pack. That way, you have everything you need in one go.

In addition, all components are also available separately:

  • monitors
  • cameras
  • cables
  • supports 

Mini-excavators tend to work in dirty conditions. That is why all cameras are moisture-resistant. Furthermore, you have a wide choice of cameras that are also shock- and temperature-resistant. This can be useful in extreme weather conditions or at muddy locations.

Mini-excavator camera brands

Our premium brands are Motec, Orlaco and LiftCam, which are often mounted as standard on a machine by the manufacturer. In addition to those brands, we also offer a wide range of TotalSource Electronic Accessories® cameras. This range fits machines of all makes.

Our mini-excavator camera range meets EU standards and is also thoroughly tested internally.

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Our range of electronic accessories - including the cameras - evolves rapidly. We make every effort to keep our range up-to-date so that you can always come to us for the latest electronic accessories.

If you’d like to discover all electronic accessories or technical specifications, we kindly refer you to the Electronic Accessories catalogue.

If you need more information regarding our mini-excavator cameras, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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