TVH University Virtual Open Days gift packs

Terms & conditions

This campaign runs from 1/03/2023 until 24/03/2023. Every TVH customer (from the African and Mediterranean regions) that registers for a live info session about TVH University on this website within the campaign period and attends it on 23/03/2023 (in English) or 24/04/2023 (in French) for at least 50% of the foreseen time, receives one gift pack after the campaign period. The gift pack consists of the following: TVH University publications, a backpack, a notepad, a post-it, a pen. Published images of the gift pack are for reference purposes only. The gift pack cannot be exchanged into a monetary benefit for the customer in any way whatsoever.

TVH cannot be held responsible or liable for (i) not being able to deliver the gift pack if the customer provided insufficient, incomplete or incorrect contact details; (ii) possible damage, physical injury or accidents that could occur as a result of receiving the gift pack; (iii) any shortcomings of the post and/or courier companies when delivering (such as delay, damage, strike or loss); (iv) any defect in the gift pack or if it doesn't meet the created expectations; (v) possible accidents or damage (in)directly related to the gift pack received.

TVH reserves the right to modify, suspend or revoke/withdraw this campaign or its course at any time in any individual jurisdiction, if it is compelled to do so for legal reasons or if unforeseen circumstances or circumstances independent of TVH’s wish justify this, without any right to compensation or indemnification in respect of you.

All sales by TVH are exclusively governed by TVH’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale which are at all times available for consultation in their latest version at