Foam-filled tyres: ultimate safety for large boom lifts

Foam-filled tyres: ultimate safety for large boom lifts

When it comes to boom lifts, the right tyres are absolutely essential for safety. To make sure that workers, operators and bystanders stay safe, you need tyres that are puncture-proof, stable and completely reliable.

If you’re putting people up high on a boom lift, air-filled tyres are a risk you simply can’t afford to take. If even one tyre suddenly loses pressure, the machine will wobble and possibly tip over. It’s a dangerous situation. With foam-filled tyres, you remove this risk and make the workplace safer for everyone. 

We offer tyres filled with high-quality, anti-puncture foam. They provide a strong and sturdy base for your boom lift, making it incredibly stable. Even if you’re working around scrap metal and debris, you have nothing to worry about; a flat tyre is simply impossible. 

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TVH offers foam-filled tyres to suit boom lifts from all the biggest brands:

Aichi – Airo – ATN – Braviisol – CTE – Dingli – Dinolift – Genie – Grove – Haulotte – Hinowa – Holland Lift – Imer – Iteco – JLG – Liftlux – Manitou – MEC – Nagano – Niftylift – Ommelift – Skyjack – Snorkel – Terex – Teupen – Upright – Versalift – Youngman – and more

Top-quality foam-filled tyres for boom lifts 

When it comes to boom-lift tyres, only the best will do. They need to be as safe as possible. Our foam-filled tyres are designed to ensure ultimate safety for workers, the machine operator and anyone standing nearby. That’s why we only work with top-quality materials.

  • All our products are OEM-quality:
    • Tyres from OTR or those of equal quality;
    • Filling foam from Carpenter that meets European standards;
    • High-quality rims.
  • Our filling process is computer-controlled, ensuring excellent results, every time.
  • Our dedicated tyre-filling facilities let us manage the process from start to finish. This ensures you always get the best price possible.
  •  We keep a lot of foam-filled tyres in stock at all times, so you can expect fast delivery and minimal downtime.

Flawless foam filling: our process leaves no room for mistakes

Our entire process for filling tyres with foam is controlled by a computer. There is absolutely no risk of human error. Our state-of-the-art filling machine produces the safest, most reliable foam-filled tyres available anywhere. 

  1. To allow the tyre to take shape and increase its capacity for tyre foam, each tyre is inflated 24 hours before the filling takes place. 
  2. We only use OEM-quality foam from Carpenter. Before starting the filling process, we always test a sample of the foam to ensure it meets all quality requirements.
  3. Once the quality of the sample is proven, we fill the tyre. 
  4. Filled tyres are carefully stored in optimal conditions for 24 hours. This allows the foam to harden, take the exact shape of the tyre and become puncture-proof.
  5. When that 24 hours is up, we perform a visual inspection to make sure everything has gone perfectly. 
  6. Finally, every tyre must pass one more stringent quality check before being deemed ready to send to the customer.

Not sure which foam-filled tyres are right for your boom lift? Let us help.

Download our mobile elevating work platform wheel brochure for information about all the common boom-lift models from JLG, Genie and Haulotte in one handy booklet. 

Download your free wheel brochure for mobile elevating work platforms

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