Mini-excavator tyres

Mini-excavator tyres
Mini-excavator tyres
Mini-excavator tyres

Mini-excavators are capable of performing labour-intensive tasks in a wide range of conditions. And they easily get to challenging places larger machines can’t access. Your mini-excavator needs top-quality tyres to ensure it’s equipped to handle rough terrain. The tyres need to be tough enough to withstand jagged ground debris, such as nails, sharp rocks and broken pieces of metal. If they aren’t, you are more vulnerable to punctures, unanticipated downtime and lost productivity. 

Get your mini-excavator fitted with high-quality tyres from TVH. We have a wide range of solid and pneumatic mini-excavator tyres to suit any application. They’re all available at great prices and we guarantee super-fast delivery to get you back to work quickly.


We offer skid steer loader tyres for the following brands:


TVH has the right tyres for the job, no matter what you need your mini-excavator to achieve. We stock both solid and pneumatic mini-excavator tyres. 

  • Solid tyres are exactly as they sound: all tyre. They aren’t filled with air. This is ideal for mini-excavators that need to resist damage while traversing rough terrain. Solid tyres are strong enough to pass over rebar scraps, sharp rocks and other construction debris without being damaged. They have a longer lifespan than pneumatic tyres and the added bonus of never going flat. This means less downtime and fewer repair costs. Solid tyres are a common choice for mini-excavators working on construction and demolition sites, in landscaping and on hard and rough surfaces.
  • Pneumatic tyres are filled with air. This makes them excellent at absorbing shocks, which creates a more comfortable ride for the operator. Pneumatic tyres are the industry standard for mini-excavators. However, there are drawbacks to consider: they’re more prone to punctures and generally wear out faster than solid tyres. This means you’ll need to replace or repair them more frequently. 

Get your mini-excavator tyres online at MyTotalSource. And any extra info you’re looking for is available in our downloadable catalogue. Prefer to stay mobile? Download the app and have MyTotalSource in the palm of your hand. It’s easy to search via MyPartsFinder and MyProductSearch. These handy functions let you search using the technical specifications of the mini-excavator tyre you need. For each product, you’ll immediately see the price, availability, pictures and technical features, along with how quickly it can be delivered.

New to TVH? Click here to register at MyTotalSource. In just moments, you’ll have a world of spare parts at your fingertips. 

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our helpful staff are standing by with the answers you need.


  • From a skid steer loader to a forklift, from the smallest nut to the complete chassis: you will find it all at TVH. We are your preferred supplier of mini-excavator parts.
  • Our technically skilled employees are trained to understand the unique requirements of each brand and model of your mini-excavator to provide professional service for all your technical questions.
  • We offer customer support in 37 languages to restrict language barriers to an absolute minimum.
  • We offer same-day shipment, next-day delivery to all our customers.
  • Easily search for mini-excavator tyres online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to find what you need, when you need it. Our online platform MyTotalSource gives you real-time pricing and availability and ensures your part is in stock when you order for the fastest possible delivery.


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