ABUS padlocks
ABUS padlocks
ABUS padlocks
ABUS padlocks

TVH est partenaire de Abus

Découvrez les produits ABUS qu'offre TVH dans notre catalogue 'Consommables & accessoires'. Les cadenas sont repris dans le premier chapitre : Sécurité.


ABUS brand products enjoy great respect around the world; that is why ABUS is an ideal partner for TVH.

Pourquoi opter pour Abus ?

Les produits de la marque ABUS jouissent d'un grand respect à travers le monde ; c'est pourquoi ABUS est un partenaire idéal pour TVH.

Plus d'infos

- High quality
- Design
- Excellent engineering (made in Germany)
- Customer-focused services

ABUS brand quality is continuously acknowledged by objective product tests and professional institutions. The quality and design have become an icon wherever security and protection are needed for people and property.

Worldwide, ‘Made in Germany‘ stands for excellent engineering and the highest quality levels. These standards of excellence apply to all ABUS security products and result in a unique internationally recognised seal of approval: ‚ABUS Security Tech Germany‘. This seal is used universally throughout the worldwide production and sales. 

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