Guarantee pedestrian safety in your workplace. Demarcate the unsafe area around your industrial vehicle with the Red Area Warning Light (REF 163TA8854). The light is best used indoors as bright sunlight may reduce visibility of the projected light pattern. If the colour red is insufficiently noticeable in your workplace, you can also opt for the blue alternative (REF 164TA9700).

Searching for other safety lights? Have a look at our Lights & bulbs catalogue (REF 31072165).

We Are One was designed to encourage and promote our five company values that celebrate the strength TVH Group demonstrates when we all come together and work as one. Check out the movie of the Thermote and Vanhalst family members talking about our values: Power, Spirit, Group, Goal, and Soul!

Get started with this practical Mini Sweeper for small in- and outdoor areas. It's easy to operate and collects various types of dust and debris! Have a look at our Mini Sweeper movie to discover all benefits of this manual sweeper.

We reach out to you! Have a look at our complete range for telehandlers and rough terrain forklifts. We offer parts and accessories for fixed and rotating telehandlers. Discover our video now.

We think you can handle this!

Have a quick look at our range of material handling products. The Climax® and TotalLifter® ranges consist of pallet trucks, scissor pallet trucks, stackers, weighing pallet trucks, lift tables, jacks and so much more. Our TotalSource® range includes trolleys, loading ramps, salt spreaders, column protection … Also discover our CAM attachments® range with its extensive variety of hydraulic and mechanical attachments, forks and fork extensions.

Is quality also a priority in your business? Count on TVH as your partner. In our range you find a multitude of parts and accessories for heavy forklifts, reach stackers, container handlers, spreaders and terminal tractors. We continually expand our product range by following new trends and looking for new partnerships, to make sure you will find absolutely everything you need right here at TVH.

All parts, all makes.

Ergonomics and safety are some of our top priorities, for you as well? The Climax range can meet any need in your warehouse.

Climax' electric tugs, with a pulling power that ranges from 1000 kg up to 6000 kg, can even make your hard work pleasant and light. The range is designed for a variety of applications and loads, so it’s up to you to select the correct version according to your needs.

Moving heavy equipment is no longer a tough job. Discover the full range in our brand new product movie.

The CAM attachments push-pull has a very strong structure, offers maximum visibility to the forklift driver and has an extra protection for the hydraulic hoses. Our push-pulls are available with or without slip-sheet retainer. A version without sideshifter can be delivered on request.

In this tutorial we explain how to use the tire press with a solid clip tyre. If you want more guidelines or ideas, don’t hesitate to check up all the other articles on our website!